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Merrill Personal Bookkeeping specializes in Daily Money Management and small business bookkeeping.  With our expertise we can quickly and effectively manage bills and expenses for you or your family members.  You'll be free to worry less and enjoy life more.



Daily Money Manager

My name is Bill Merrill, and I have resided in southeastern Connecticut for over thirty years.  I understand the challenges many people face when trying to manage day-to-day finances.  That is why I became a Daily Money Manager - to help seniors and their caregivers pay bills and deal with other money matters.

I have worked in accounting for businesses and school systems for forty years.  I know the ins and outs of the banking and insurance industries and can use my experience to help you.

A Daily Money Manager is a professional who assist clients with managing their personal finances.  We save you money by paying your bills on time, helping to avoid costly late fees.  We reconcile your bank and credit card statements to ensure that the charges are accurate, protecting you from fraud and identity theft.  We also ensure that clients remain up to date with paperwork and monitor accounts for unusual activity.

Please note that our clients retain complete control (including signing authorization) over their bank and brokerage accounts.

Who May Need a Daily Money Manager?

Retirees and Senior Citizens

Busy Professionals

Snowbirds (pay bills while you're away)

People with a disability

Adult children who are responsible for an aging parent

Adults who have recently lost a spouse or partner

Analysing Data


We will do our utmost ensure your peace of mind.



Collect, open, screen, and sort mail

Set up paper and digital filing systems

Set up online or automatic bill payments

Prepare checks for signature and make bank deposits

Balance checkbooks and reconcile bank and credit card statements

Research and resolve discrepancies

Analyze income and expenses to help stay on budget

Monitor cash flow and track expenses to guard against fraud and identity theft

Manage medical and insurance papers

Review monthly medical bills

File claims and track reimbursements

Advise on retaining records for tax purposes

Collect materials needed for tax returns

Organize documents and family files, such as financial statements, insurance papers, wills and trusts, healthcare proxies and living wills

Coordinate with other professionals, including lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and money managers

It usually takes a few hours to get started, then an hour a week or every other week depending on services needed.


Contact us by phone or send a message to see how our personalized services can save you time, money, and frustration with managing your or your loved one's finances.  Free consultation to see what we can do to help you out. 

Serving all of Southeastern CT and Western Rhode Island.  References upon request.

(860) 912-1197

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